Phineas Newborn Jr., Memphis jazz royalty

08-28 Phineas Newborn Jr.jpgIn addition to the obvious legends of rock and roll, soul, funk and blues, Memphis has produced its fair share of jazz luminaries, from big-band leader Jimmie Lunceford in the 1930s and '40s to a trio of piano masters who came to prominence the 1970s, the late James Williams, Mississippi-born Mulgrew Miller and Donald Brown. One name that could top them all would be Phineas Newborn Jr., a bop-era musician who is considered one of the most virtuosic of all jazz pianists. has been compiling what it touts as the world's biggest online jazz encyclopedia, and it is posting biographies of both current and historical figures as they are written. Newborn's entry was just posted within the past few days, and Miller's has been up for a month or so. These are meant to be definitive biographies, suitable both for true jazz heads and casual readers. They are also rich with links, including to purchase music.


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