Big Star box set coming in September

Big Star.jpgAs mentioned late last year in Bob Mehr's look back at the life and legacy of Big Star co-leader Chris Bell, a box set of the influential Memphis band's work is due in 2009. reports today that the four-CD package, to be released Sept. 14 on Rhino Records, "will feature alternate takes, live versions and much more besides." To wit:

Containing a raft of unreleased material the collection will run to a total of 98 tracks and seems to be the definitive word on Big Star.

Excitingly, the box set is due to contain an entire live concert from 1973. Amongst the theories as to why Big Star never made it is the notion that the group simply couldn't cut it live - an argument that can now be put to the test by fans.

Rhino also will reissue Bell's solo album, "I Am the Cosmos," which will be repackaged with "a host of rarities," says.

UPDATE: While I'm on the subject of important Memphis reissues, I mustn't forget the expanded version of Isaac Hayes' "Hot Buttered Soul" coming out June 23 on Stax. This package includes the single edits of "Walk On By" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" along with a new set of liner notes by Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

UPDATE: Check out this extensive piece on


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