Dave Brown, Lance Russell reunite for wrestling fanfest

russell_hoh.jpgI thought I'd post about this for all those of you who, like me, spent part of your childhood Saturday mornings glued to Channel 5.

Dave Brown and Lance Russell (right), the broadcast duo who hosted WMC-TV's Saturday morning wrestling broadcasts for decades, brought a Memphis flavor to last weekend's NWA Legends Fanfest, a nostalgia event that brought hundreds of fans to Charlotte, N.C. Brown inducted Russell into the Hall of Heroes during the weekend's centerpiece banquet.

Canadian Web site SLAM! Sports has a rundown of the proceedings. Some highlights:

* On their professional relationship:

Brown explained how he owes his career in TV -- he's still doing the weather on Channel 5 in Memphis nearly 40 years after he started calling matches -- to Russell, a former TV executive in the city.

"It was fun all the way down the line," said Russell, hailed by banquet emcee Jim Cornette as the "greatest wrestling announcer in history."

* On Saturday morning wrestling:

Joined by legendary Tennessee promoter Jerry Jarrett, they walked fans through the angles and plots that made Memphis TV must-see broadcasts every Saturday morning.

"It was something we enjoyed doing," Brown said. "It wasn't something we had to do. We came to work on Saturday, which was our day off because we had fun and we enjoyed what we were doing."


Mr. Russell and Mr. Brown and the Saturday morning wrestling show was one of the most important part of my father's life, who would put everything on hold and take his Saturday work lunch break at just the right time to come home and watch wrestling. I mean no one could talk to him during that time. There are many stories and memories that go with that.
I grew up watching wrestling with him and was still young at the age of 18 when he passed in 1979.
I want to thank Mr. Russell and Mr. Brown, all the wrestlers and those involved to bring that Saturday morning show, that my Dad so much enjoyed. I seen some old clips from that era this morning and it carried me back to that time.
Thanks again for it all,
David Binford

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