FBI's WMD unit touts Memphis anthrax conviction

It won't go down in the annals of audacious terror attacks, but the conviction of hapless Marshall DeWayne Williams still counts to the FBI's Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.

The WMDD, formed in 2006 to track threats involving chemical, biological and radiological weapons, touts the Williams conviction and five-year prison sentence in a list of accomplishments released today.

Williams was serving time at the Federal Correctional Institute at Memphis for killing his stepfather with a pipe bomb. He maintains he should have been paroled in 1994 -- before the federal system abolished parole -- and he sent letter containing suspicious powder to a federal judge in what he called "a high-stakes gamble" to draw attention to his case. The powder turned out to be artificial sweetener, and the gamble obviously did not pay off.

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