Remaining charges dropped for casino cheat Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor, a Memphis man who was sentenced this month to 10 years in prison for masterminding a craps cheating scheme at the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, had additional charges dropped today from another, smaller scheme at the Mohegan Sun.

Taylor, 43, who called himself "Mr. Casino" and the world's greatest craps player, refused to cooperate at various points of the trial and always maintained that it was his winning system, not cheating, that accounted for his success. His accomplices -- casino employees who accepted large tips in exchange for letting Taylor place illegal or late bets -- fared somewhat better in their punishment:

Foxwoods employees who had testified at Taylor's trial that they took money in exchange for paying him for late or illegal bets have been allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor offenses or apply for accelerated rehabilitation, a diversionary program in which the charges are wiped from their criminal record if they successfully complete a probationary period.

Says casino cheating expert Richard Marcus:

You can bet your ass his fellow jailbirds will be watching him like a hawk around the prison makeshift craps table, which will probably be a dirt pit in the prison yard and not one of those miniature craps tables you can by in novelty stores that the prosecution brought into the courtroom during Taylor´s trial. In any event, Taylor got more prison time for his little $70,000 2-casino scam than those so far sentenced in the Tran Organization baccarat scam that netted $20 million in fifteen casinos over five years. I guess his attitude in the courtroom didn't help him much.


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