Report: Memphis Mob figures jumping bail in New Mexico, coming home

When police in Albuquerque, N.M., announced in the spring that they had busted up a cocaine-trafficking network from Memphis, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin puffed out his chest and tried to claim credit, even though he hadn't even been aware that the so-called Memphis Mob was operating out West:

"When can I send the rest of them to New Mexico?" Godwin said.

"I've been saying for three years now that we're pushing crime out of here. I think we are pushing it out, all the way to New Mexico," he added. "I think we're doing things here that are making them uncomfortable."

But it's hard to keep a Memphis dope boy down. KOB-TV in New Mexico reports that up to a dozen members of the Memphis Mob have left the state after posting bond. After 10 Memphis Mob figures were indicted for racketeering and conspiracy, those who bonded out on lesser drug charges are heading back to Memphis before the other shoe drops on them. And even one of the men who was indicted, 30-year-old Mark Bradford, fled the charges and is believed to be back in Shelby County. 

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz says it's frustrating, but, hey, that's the system:

"We're very glad they're gone, but at the same time I think we need to send more of a message, the fact that we're not going to forget about them," Schultz said.

One hopes that Schultz's counterpart in Memphis hasn't forgotten about the Memphis Mob, either.


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