Memphis fugitive Robert Lee King sought in double homicide case

King-Robert.jpg Authorities in Sharkey County, Miss., want to talk to a Memphis fugitive -- who fled a murder charge in the 2005 fatal stabbing of his girlfriend and the wounding of her daughter -- about a double homicide.

Robert Lee King, who earlier this year popped up on the U.S. Marshals Service's 15 Most Wanted Fugitives list, was reportedly seen in the area of Cary, Miss. -- 40 miles north of Vicksburg along U.S. 61 -- around the time of the slayings of Karitha Carroll, 31, and her daughter, Jamaya Carroll, authorities told The Vicksburg Post.

(Sharkey County Chief Deputy Stanley) Coleman said details of the Carrolls' murder scene were similar to those of the Memphis case.

King, 45, was charged in 2005 with stabbing to death girlfriend Dorothy Smith, 49, and attacking her then-20-year-old daughter Diana Smith. He "fled like a coward," one deputy Marshal said when King's name was added to the fugitives list. He is known to have family throughout the country, and authorities in Sharkey County believe he has left that area.


This is shocking we need to do more to get this murderer off the streets i am scared for my self and my family. This is so tragic I mean who does this kind of a thing its inhumane. This guy needs to rot behind bars.

some people say they see him in hollandale ms in tillbay and mallard cove i really want thiskiller off the street.

whatis there to do when his family will not cooperate with the cops and i think they should be charged if they are aiding him

his fqamily should do the right thing and turn him in because do you want a aiding and abetting charge on top of the murder charge he already has

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