Dallas Morning News columnist's memories of Overton High

While browsing through Google News looking for material for this blog, I happened to come across a column by one Darla Atlas, a freelancer who writes for The Dallas Morning News on everyday topics like kids, pets and relationships.

In today's column, Darla talks about the importance of nurturing creativity in children. She lets on that she attended "one of very few performing-arts schools in Memphis," a school that "has since changed its mascot to the wolverine, but back then we were Rebels." So she is obviously talking about Overton High. Her accounts of auditioning for the performing-arts high school are included:

I opted to choreograph a jazz dance to "Don't Stop Believin." Which is why I'm thankful for the absence of video cameras in Olden Tymes.

Many hours were spent creating those steps, really getting into the character of a small-town girl taking a midnight train to anywhere. My best friend Karen, meanwhile, auditioned for the drama department with a speech about being addicted to milk.

Astoundingly, we both made the cut.

There is something oddly endearing about Darla's columns, and for some reason, even though she is a Southerner, I keep reading them with Sarah Palin's voice in my head. Best of luck to this ex-Memphian. All you Overton grads out there may feel free to relate any funny audition stories in the comments.


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