'Dimwitted drunken tourist from Memphis' heckles health care rally

Boston alt-weekly The Phoenix reports on a rally for health care reform Wednesday at Faneuil Hall that was disrupted by a heckler who apparently was from Memphis.

It would have been an ordinary incestuously amplified liberal orgy today in Faneuil Hall, where MoveOn.org activists held a "vigil for people suffering under the current healthcare system." The quintessential progressive mob made the trek from Cambridge and Jamaica Plain - mostly shorthaired women and scraggly men with sandals and eccentricities. But then along came a dimwitted drunken tourist from Memphis and his savage wife, and things got interesting.

"Say no to Marxism," ordered the sweaty southern gentleman, his Hawaiian shirt flapping in the light wind. "You'll all see what I mean soon enough," he continued, before accusing me of being a member of the liberal media (apparently - 90 percent of journalists are on the left, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we're for the most part well-educated). Unfortunately, that grizzly fellow was the only resounding highlight; beside him the entertainment was limited to folks telling personal stories about our broken healthcare system. Touching stuff, but hardly adequate ammunition for a spat of this magnitude.

Recall that Memphis was home to one of the most notorious of a summer of testy congressional town hall meetings. Rep. Steve Cohen's gathering in Downtown Memphis "quickly deviated into a raucous shouting free-for-all, requiring extra law enforcement officers to watch over the scene." The Phoenix writer's point is that supporters of health care reform need to do a better job of shouting down the opposition, and, let's face it, they are getting killed on the PR front.



"Dimwitted, drunken tourist from Memphis" is redundant.

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