Naval midshipman convicted on drug charges made big pot sale in Memphis

Memphis shows up today in a Navy Times story about a Naval Academy midshipman who was sentenced to 10 years in the brig and dismissal from the service for attempting to import 150 pounds of marijuana from Tijuana, Mexico.

Juan Domingo Alonso, who was convicted by a military judge on charges including conspiracy to import and distribute marijuana, conspiracy to commit burglary and armed robbery and weapons charges, had himself quite the crime wave this past June, according to the story (it's striking how quickly the military disposes of a big case like this compared to the civilian justice system).

The 24-year-old from North Hollywood, Calif., was arrested June 10 by U.S. Customs officials at the San Ysidro port entry. They searched his rented car and found 153 pounds of marijuana, Navy documents show.

Alonso had gone to Tijuana, Mexico, that day even though he didn't have permission from his officer-in-charge to travel there, according to court documents.


Navy prosecutors also said Alonzo on June 5 broke into a home wielding a 12-gauge shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver and beat up a man before running off with two suitcases loaded with about 120 pounds of marijuana and money orders worth $12,000, Navy documents show.

Prosecutors also said he sold about 120 pounds of the pot in or around Memphis, Tenn., shortly before his arrest.


"it's striking how quickly the military disposes of a big case like this compared to the civilian justice system".

It's called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). It's very specific, the process does not require a jury and the sentences can be very harsh. As soon as you take that oath of allegiance, you're no longer privy to protection under the Consitution of the United States. You now belong to Uncle Sam.

Indeed. thanks for weighing in, and thanks for serving our country.


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