More about 'Memphis' musical, including Glenn Beck rolling deep

The new "Memphis" musical on Broadway (see a ton of reviews here) is becoming something of a pop-culture touchstone. To wit ...

* Fox News' Glenn Beck went to see the new musical with his wife, and he was able to incorporate it into an indictment of the Obama administration's public-relations assault on the conservative-oriented cable network:

I went to a Broadway play this weekend with my wife: "Memphis" -- it was fantastic. Except for the two songs in it about "Hope and Change." Are Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod calling up Broadway producers now, asking them to help out with the agenda, the way Yosi Sargent did at the direction of Valerie Jarrett and Buffy Wicks?

It sure wouldn't be unprecedented. Look at what the White House has accomplished with "Service Week," all this week on TV as Michelle Obama announced. Sixty programs are incorporating some kind of service or volunteer theme into their shows.

* Beck's appearance at the Shubert Theatre is making waves for another reason: The provocative commentator was accompanied by an armed bodyguard, even to the restroom.

* Wine Spectator writer Thomas Matthews labels "Memphis" as "highly recommended," especially after a $290 bottle of California pinot noir.

* Here is a gallery with some pictures from the show as well as shots of celebrities at opening night, including the lovely Gina Gershon and the not-so-lovely David Johansen of New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter fame.

* A final thought: Having written plenty of reviews in my day, I understand that great minds think alike, and critics can draw the same impressions, but it seems like every single review says that lead actor Chad Kimball looks and sounds like George W. Bush. 

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