Reviews galore for 'Memphis' the musical

If you haven't yet, check out our correspondent's review of the "Memphis" musical that this blog has reported on before. The review includes excerpts of reviews from various big publications, some overwhelmingly positive, some more mixed. I'm just going to list a ton of links to reviews below ...

Newsday: "passionate, exuberantly believable book"; "remarkably rich and raucous character-driven songs"

The Hollywood Reporter: "an
original musical, not based on a presold property and devoid of
stars, that is joyfully entertaining in musical and theatrical

USA Today: "well-intentioned hokum-fest"; "... Memphis veers from cloying earnestness to obvious satire." "wasted talent"

Back Stage: "Though its brain may be a bit simple, 'Memphis' has its heart and soul in the right place." "more than two hours of roof-raising numbers from a dynamic cast"; " the characters come across as two-dimensional clichés"

The New York Times: "the crucial ingredient -- authentic soul -- is missing in action." "the Michael Bolton of Broadway musicals" (ouch!)

The Faster Times (includes video of a number from the show): "energetic, tuneful, talent-filled but disappointing"; "a missed opportunity to say something original or insightful"; "the dramatic scenes are the least successful part of the show"

Bloomberg: "I can guarantee you a rambunctious good
time highlighted by rousing music and singing, spectacular
dancing, and even some shedding of tender tears."

Elsewhere, Broadway World has coverage, including many photos of the cast, of the opening-night festivities.

UPDATE: Two more ...

New York Daily News: "wins you over with its sheer enthusiasm and exuberant performances.


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