A call for a cease-fire in the South's water lawsuits

An editorial in the Press-Register of Mobile, Ala., calls for a truce among Southern states in the escalating "water wars." This week, of course, Memphis won a battle in court against Mississippi, which had claimed that Memphis is essentially stealing from the Magnolia State's share of an aquifer that is shared by portions of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, and now Mississippi officials want to try to reach a settlement with the other two states.

Water lawsuits are raging among other states as well, as the Press-Register points out:

Rapid growth in metropolitan areas is putting more and more pressure on water supplies, with the result that seven Southern states now are fighting over water in the courts.

Maybe Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas will set an example for other states by reaching a fair and balanced water-sharing agreement.


I'm pretty sure that the appropriate time for this "editorial" was when Mississippi filed its lawsuit, not after it lost it. Of course, with Mississippi a mere hop over the state line and Memphis six hours away, one could easily guess where the Press-Register's loyalties lie.

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