Golfer Doug Barron fights on against suspension from PGA Tour

Following up on Monday's news that Memphis golfer Doug Barron -- serving a suspension from the PGA Tour -- will compete in a developmental mini-tour in North Carolina, Lawrence Donegan of The Guardian retraces the story from November, and notes that this major golf event seemed to disappear once the Tiger Woods sex scandal broke on Thanksgiving weekend.

Barron was the first golfer to be suspended under the tour's anti-doping policy. He sought last fall an injunction to block the suspension -- based on a steroid and beta blockers he was taking for medical conditions -- but the request was rejected by a federal judge. However, he is pushing on in his legal fight, and his case has the potential to bring to light some information that could make golf's governing body quite uncomfortable:

In the courts, too, Barron is battling on, albeit with very limited resources. His contention is that he was taking beta-blockers and testosterone for medical purposes and that the tour was aware of this fact (it had rejected his request for a therapeutic exemption, allowing him to continue to play in its events while taking his medicines). His agent Art Horne said Barron's case in still on-going and is currently in the "disclosure phase".

The information Horne is asking the PGA Tour to disclose includes the names of those players who have asked for and have been granted the kind of therapeutic exemption denied to Barron; and also the names of those players on tour have failed drug tests.

"All we trying to do is get justice for Doug Barron, and allow him to continue to make his living,'' Horne said today. "The case goes on."



Interesting story. I am inclined to agree with the stance on the problems, for the most part. I do believe you might have gotten far more in depth though. Grabbed the feed.

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