Memphis in May honor 'a good opportunity' for Tunisia

Tunisia-logo-2010----color.jpg I have wondered over the years whether the Memphis in May International Festival draws any attention in the honored countries. Word does seem to have gotten out in this year's honored country, Tunisia. ran Wednesday an item from Tunisia Online News, which notes, "The event will be a good opportunity for Tunisian tourism to strengthen its presence not only on the US market, but also on the Northern American markets."

A Memphis delegation, led by MIM chairwoman Susan Arney, will visit the North African country in March, the article says.

Meanwhile, I have found a couple of articles to give you a sense of Tunisia, which is being touted as "the next Morocco" for its budding tourist appeal:

Food & Wine: Journey to Djerba: Tunisian Chef Abderrazak Haouari
Conde Nast Traveler: Desert Bloom
Travel & Leisure: Sleep in the Desert


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in May honor 'a good opportunity' for Tunisia - Links to Memphis”.
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