Memphis ranks 103rd out of 104 in rating of best cities to find love

As you ease your way into Valentine's Day weekend, consider this item from The Daily Beast, where a rating of America's 104 largest cities finds Memphis second from the bottom of the best "Cities to Find Love." Memphis got a D in the social life category -- measured by dividing the number of restaurants and bars by the number of over-21 adults -- and a big fat F in something called "emotional health." It's as silly and arbitrary as these city rankings come, but it's something to converse about this weekend.

So which hapless city came in dead last? Lexington, Ky., tarred with an F in each category except "divorce," in which it gets an A-plus. If you actually do find someone in Lexington, you won't be able to get rid of them, presumably. At Technorati, former Lexingtonian Todd Wright is glad that he now lives in Italy. But he's still ready to throw a little smack Memphis' way:

And you, Memphis, Tennessee: stop laughing! You weren't that far ahead of us. And we got your basketball coach.


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