Memphis NOT one of Salon's 10 most segregated; comments weigh in

Salon published today a list of "the 10 most segregated urban areas in America," and Memphis, with its long history of racial strife and its ongoing racially tinged controversy over the funding and administration of its public schools, did not make the list. In fact, none of the 10 urban areas is in the South. This led a commenter named RobRob9 to say:

Where is Atlanta?

Birmingham? Charlotte? Jackson? Memphis?

This seems to suggest that the South has a more integrated urban society, despite its history. It also seems to suggest that, when people from the North lecture the South about race relations, they tend to do so from the safe enclaves they have carved out of their cities for people of their particular skin color.

There's plenty of segregated communities in Southern cities, of course. But as a Southerner accustomed to being lectured about race relations by scholars and pundits from New York and Chicago and Los Angeles, I appreciate the irony here.

Another commenter, Mark in LA, brought up a 2008 story by The Commercial Appeal to suggest that efforts to reintegrate cities might have adverse effects:

Oh, the heinous thought crime - people want to live amongst people more like themselves!!!!!

And self-segregate. Shouldn't there be a law? Shouldn't there be a government program? There is, it is called section 8 housing. See what it did to poor suburbanites in Memphis.


The Memphis Flyer has a greater paid subscriber number than Salon. Not even Progressives buy that liberal pile of pixels.

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