Chicago Sun-Times on Beale Street landmark A. Schwab

The Chicago Sun-Times has a Travel story on A. Schwab Dry Goods Store, the Beale Street landmark since 1876 that recently was put up for sale. Elliott Schwab -- the fourth-generation manager/co-owner -- says in the story that a buyer has made an offer and that the sale could come soon.

" ... This wasn't an overnight decision. I could make more money selling the property than I can staying in business, but that's not the reason. Our base customers have changed. We used to have locals. Now it's about 90 percent tourists. I don't object to that, but when the tourists are down, our business goes down."

The story, pegged to the upcoming Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival, also has some amusing descriptions of Schwab's eclectic inventory:

Elvis Presley bought underwear along the beige wood-planked floors at A. Schwab. B.B. King purchased handkerchiefs and Bono spent two hours talking to co-owner Abram, aka "Mr. Abe."

You can still find mojo bags and granny panties at A. Schwab, but the store no longer carries starched bib overalls.


Who was on Beale Street Sunday night, April 10th? Did you see the white man in green at BB Kings, Club 152 or singing "When Doves Cry" @ Wet Willies? I don't know what made me follow him, but dat man iz da bomb! I think his name is Tommy T. Did anyone else see him? Dat MF could not have been more on fire had they doused him in gasolene first!

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