Memphis dancer Lil Buck jookin' with Yo-Yo Ma

A video featuring renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma performing with street dancer Charles "Lil Buck" Riley has had the social media scene buzzing today. Ma accompanied Riley, who performs in the unique ballet-meets-gangsta-walk style of Memphis Jookin', dancing to Camille Saint-Saëns "The Swan" at an even to promote arts education. The moment was captured by well-known film and music video director Spike Jonze.

A commenter on The Huffington Post's item linked above points out Riley's background: former student and later paid intern for the Memphis-based New Ballet Ensemble, which has sought to embrace urban dancing styles in addition to classical forms. In fact, Riley premiered the piece shown below for New Ballet in 2007. (The commenter happened to be Jimmy Gould, husband of New Ballet founder Katie Smythe.)

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