News about biopic on rocker Jeff Buckley, who died in Memphis

Hollywood gossip site Deadline has news today about a biopic of late alt-rock singer-songwriter-guitarist Jeff Buckley, who died at age 30 in 1997 when he drowned in the Wolf River Harbor at Memphis. Buckley had been in Memphis working on a follow-up to his acclaimed full-length debut, Grace, so it stands to reason that the Bluff City (or a reasonable facsimile) could play a significant role in the project, which is set to begin production this fall.

Deadline reports that Jake Scott, son of blockbuster director Ridley Scott and veteran of music videos and the 2010 feature "Welcome to the Rileys," will direct the project. Buckley's mother will be an executive producer. The rights package includes Buckley's music and will use as a resource the biography "Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff Buckley" by David Browne. has some thoughts on which actor might portray Buckley:

If, in fact, filming will begin that soon, Scott is going to need his Buckley. Slashfilm says that Robert Pattinson has expressed interest in the role, but if the previous rumors about him playing Kurt Cobain were any indication, that may not sit well with some music fans.

Bearing a strong resemblance to Buckley is James Franco, but since the project -- which was first thought of as a possibility five years ago -- has taken its time to come to fruition, he may be getting a bit too old. Also, his vocals could use some work. Then again, that may not matter if this is a lip-synch job.


James Ransone is a dead ringer for Buckley.

I had no idea who that was till I saw it was Ziggy Sobotka from Season 2 of "The Wire." He does definitely resemble Buckley!

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