Cancer treatment becoming unaffordable, West Clinic doctor finds

Treating cancer is ruinously expensive, and the cost of treatment is causing many patients to give it up altogether. Those are the conclusions of a study undertaken by Dr. Lee Schwartzberg, an oncologist and medical director of the West Clinic in Memphis and reported this week on

The prohibitive cost of treating the second-leading cause of U.S. deaths is a problem not only for those without health insurance:

Here is the big shocker: even the insured were not protected against financial ruin and bankruptcy. Co-payments for some of the more expensive oral cancer medications can reach upwards of $500 a month, not to mention the cost of transportation, doctor visit co-payments and lost wages.

... A diagnosis of cancer increases a person's risk of personal bankruptcy, sometimes an 8% rise in cases of lung cancer, according to a study conducted by Dr. Scott Ramsey ...


This is so true. You find yourself in a position that you may owe more than you could ever possibly pay in your lifetime. How can you put a price tag on a loved one's life? Not only is the disease horrifying, so is the stress that you are under trying to figure out how you will pay...

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