Justin Timberlake talks, plays golf with The New York Times (video)

Justin Timberlake gets philosophical over a round of golf on a public course in Brooklyn with New York Times writer Bill Pennington in this post and (corny) video on the On Par blog. The 30-year-old Memphis-area native is a skilled golfer who says he embraced the game as a way to unwind and clear his mind while working on the road. And he has found some correlations between performing and playing golf as well:

"Tempo is everything in music," he said. "I see a correlation to golf. The tempo and pace of a round are important. Having good balance, too."

He does not, however, see similarities between the pressure to entertain 20,000 fans and making a 3-foot putt.

"I don't put that much pressure on myself on the golf course," he said. "So, I don't feel that. Being an entertainer can be very, very intense. I felt that. To me, golf is getting out in nature with my buddies, or getting to play with my father."

Timberlake has joined with Callaway for a Father's Day contest in which the prize is a weekend golf outing at Mirimichi, the Millington course that Timberlake owns and had renovated for $16 million. Sign up at facebook.com/Callaway

Meanwhile, Timberlake's new movie, "Bad Teacher," comes out in a couple of weeks, and he has been telling interviewers during his media rounds that he himself had a "bad teacher":

And although Timberlake's unnamed seventh grade teacher wasn't that bad, she did give him a hard time over his songwriting dreams.

He explains, "She told me I should have more realistic goals than being a songwriter, because my schoolwork was suffering.

"You can quote me on this directly to her: 'Suck it!'"

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