Memphis in May rules likely to rule again at D.C. barbecue battle

More proof that Memphis really and truly knows how to do barbecue: Looking back on last weekend's Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle -- the premier event of its kind in D.C. -- The Washington Post's Smoke Signals department notes that a significant rule change in effect this year will probably be reversed for next year:

In past years, the battle included both Kansas City Barbeque Society and MIM-style contests, making it a unique event. The primary difference? Memphis in May has on-site judging, which results in lots of drama and team flamboyance. KCBS relies totally on blind judging.

This year, the battle did away with MIM-style rules. Smoke Signals heard some grumbling from teams about the decision. Is that the reason the battle is reconsidering MIM's participation? "Memphis in May just adds a lot of excitement," Tubis says.

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