Catching up with Memphis band Lucero on Warped Tour

Lucero playing on the Vans Warped Tour sounded like an odd match, but Ben Nichols, frontman for the popular and venerable Memphis roots-rock band, tells OC Weekly the band is taking it in stride.

"One thing I can say about this summer and the Warped Tour is that the kids watching us may or may not have a good time, but we most definitely will," Nichols says. "It's definitely going to be a new crowd for us, but that's what touring is all about."

Once the tour winds up, Lucero plans to return to Memphis to record its ninth (!!!) album, Nichols says:

"We thought about maybe going somewhere else to record, but the feeling here is really special, and it just made sense for us to stay here for a while," Nichols says. "People come to places like this to get some kind of musical inspiration, and we have it around us all the time."

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