Memphis Grizzlies dancer Christina Webber eliminated from BET's 'Born to Dance'

A member of the Memphis Grizzlies dance team was among contestants eliminated this week from BET's "Born to Dance." Christina Webber, who hails from Birmingham and also works as an IT specialist, told what she has taken away from her experience on the TV dance contest:

(Judge LaurieAnn) Gibson told Webber that she needs to commit to dance moves and not over think them. "I feel that when you are ready to commit to the life God has designed for you, you will never be stopped," Gibson told her tonight.

The 26-year-old Webber, who is an IT specialist and a dancer for the Memphis Grizzlies, said she'd heed Gibson's advice. "LaurieAnn told me I need to feel the moves and not to over think it. Just dance,'' Webber said. "I'm going to take that because I want to go in the direction that God pushes me in and I want to live the purpose that He has for my life. And, I'm going to do it from here on out.'' 

The "Born to Dance" website quotes Webber on what she has been up to since she left the show.

Christina: "Since the show I've been taking lots of dance classes, working on several small businesses and making moves to get to Atlanta to pursue dance and acting full time."

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