Memphis truck driver survives collision with train on tracks in North Carolina

A tractor-trailer driver from Memphis walked away this week from an accident in North Carolina in which a train struck his 18-wheeler and dragged it more than 200 feet. According to

Michael Blakely was just about to drop off a load of metal drums in
Asheboro on Wednesday, then it was on to Charlotte and back home to

"I pulled up, stopped, looked left and right, there wasn't anything coming," he said.

Blakely was at the train crossing at Spero Road.

"As I approached to go over the train track, I saw another car on the
other side start backing up and when I looked, a train smashed into my
truck," he said.

The train didn't stop.

"I'm trying to unbuckle my seatbelt. It's like a bad movie, where your seatbelt won't come undone," he said.

Blakely said he was beyond scared. His mind was racing.

"I thought this truck is getting ready to blow up, with me in it. And
I just bought my kids school clothes. I have four boys, four sons," he

Blakely was OK after the wreck, though he was cited for trying to cross the tracks while the lights were flashing.


i'm sorry to hear that, i hope obama knows this problem

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