Baltimore Ravens pick Egypt Central track as kickoff song

Memphis band Egypt Central is lending its hard-rock sounds to the NFL season that starts this weekend, ESPN's Page 2 reports:

For the better part of the new millennium, the Baltimore Ravens have become known for their take-no-prisoners style of play. After partnering with Memphis-based band Egypt Central, the Ravens and their fans may have found a way to kick the intensity up another notch.

The two sides recently agreed to use "Kick Off" -- a spinoff of the band's hit "Kick Ass" -- as the official kickoff song for the Ravens. The band has also received airtime at NFL games in Philadelphia, Kansas City and Dallas, but lead singer John Falls said that Baltimore has always had special meaning to the band.

"They've always shown us a lot of love and support," he said. "Baltimore kind of became a second home to us."

The song debuts as the Ravens kickoff song Sunday when the team hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Perfect kickoff song for the biggest kickass NFL team! Go Ravens!

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