Dick Grob, Elvis' head of security, tells tales of determined fans

EDP24 in Norfolk, England, caught up with Dick Grob, Elvis Presley's longtime head of security and a guest at the 31st Elvis festival being held at Vauxhall Holiday Camp in Great Yarmouth. Now 72 and living in Las Vegas, Grob revealed some of the inside stories he would be sharing at his presentation this evening.

"Some of the things the fans did were very unusual," he said. 
"We had two girls who travelled to Memphis and squeezed themselves into a crate, which was then delivered to Graceland.

"And on another occasion, we were in a hotel waiting to leave when we heard this knock on the door. When we opened it there was a girl standing with a tray holding four bottles of coke and six glasses.

"I remember I was looking for the bill to sign, but there wasn't one. It was then we realised she was a fan pretending to be staff, and she had managed to dodge past the hotel security and get up to the room.

"Well, Elvis was so impressed by this that he gave her his autograph and a scarf."


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