Impressions of Memphis, Oxford from National Review's Jay Nordlinger

In his Impromptus column at National Review Online, conservative commentator Jay Nordlinger has some reflections on the Mid-South after he traveled to Oxford, Miss., for a wedding. Having flown to Oxford previously on a private flight, he discovered this time that there's not much of a commercial airport scene in the picturesque university town. So, as he puts it, "'it's Memphis for you, buddy.'" ("We have a great airport," Jay.)

Surely one of the best things about the Memphis airport is the smell of barbecue. I'm later told that the joints in the airport are lousy. That they are pale imitations of their counterparts in town. I'll test one of those airport joints on my return.

Across from the rental-car agency is the Catfish Cabin. "From 11 to 4, you can't get a place in the parking lot," someone says. "It's completely full."

In the rental-car agency, I hear one of my favorite terms: "ink pen," with the second word pronounced "pin."

Once he gets to Oxford, Nordlinger enjoys his dinner at City Grocery, notices that a lot of attractive young women attend the University of Mississippi, and gets a kick out of how people around here pronounce "Lafayette."

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