Jay Reatard film 'Better Than Something' screens at site of his final show in Tucson

Making the rounds of the film festival circuit, the documentary "Better Than Something: Jay Reatard" stops Friday at the Tucson Film Festival in Arizona. This story in the Arizona Daily Star explains the screening's venue, the historic Rialto Theatre, in the tragically short life of the late Memphis garage-punk icon:

The Memphis garage rocker made frequent stops in Tucson over the years. Opening for The Black Keys at the Rialto in 2008 turned out to be his last performance here before his death in 2010 at age 29.

"It's an incredible portrait of a really prolific musician," said Michael Toubassi, the festival's director. "The film showcases a broad range of music and the Rialto's the best place for that kind of thing. You want to enjoy that live footage and really ... experience his musical career."


It wasn't his "final show" when he played in Tucson in 2008, it was his "final show in Tucson" when he played in Tucson, in 2008.

Thanks. I noticed that about an hour or two after I posted it on Thursday afternoon. Added "in Tucson" to the headline, as you see.

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