Spin magazine: 'Don Trip is a rapper out of time'

Spin.com spotlights Memphis rapper Don Trip, whose "Letter to My Son," the lament of a single father involved in a custody battle, bubbled up into a viral-video smash over the past two years. In another step in Trip's successful hustle, the song has been re-released in a new version with a hook provided by Cee-Lo. Here's some of what Spin.com's Brandon Soderberg had to say:

Don Trip is a rapper out of time. Although his imminent hit did begin as a quasi-viral video, and he's ridiculously prolific in a way that caters to the blogs, he can't be bothered with rap's prevailing trends. He wears basketball shorts and, like, button-downs from Target, not streetwear. His approach to rapping is that of a work-a-day hustler, and in-studio videos often show him gripping a notepad (and more recently an iPad), or staring off-camera at a piece of paper taped to the wall with lyrics scrawled on it. It's a subtle way of rejecting the noxious, post-Jay-Z myth that "good" MCs don't need to write their raps down.

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