On Andrew Sullivan's The View From Your Window: Downtown Memphis

In the ongoing The View From Your Window Contest on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Beast blog, a photo of a narrow skyscraper alongside a cobblestone-paved trolley line drew a number of incorrect guesses as to which city was pictured: Portland, Ore.? Nope. Charlotte? Nope. It's Memphis. The Main Street Trolley line and the D.T. Porter Building along Court Square are pictured in a shot taken from the sixth floor of the Sleep Inn.

view.jpg Read all the excerpts of user comments on Sullivan's post. People did remarkable work with search engines and Google Earth images to solve the riddle.


Didn't the Memphis Flyer break this first (yesterday), and shouldn't you at least credit them for that?

I'll be darned, they did. I saw it today on Twitter, linked directly to The Dish, and never saw the Flyer's post. Thanks for writing.

Geոuinely when someoոe doesn't know afterwarrd its up to other viewers that
they will asѕist, so here it happens.

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