Aardvark from Memphis bears baby for Chicago's Brookfield Zoo

Ready for more cute baby zoo animals with Memphis-linked parents? Good! The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has welcomed a baby aardvark -- Chicagoist calls it "the cutest looking alien pig we've ever seen" -- born to a mother, 7-year-old Jessi, on breeding loan from the Memphis Zoo. The sire, 17-year-old Hoover (get it?), is from the San Antonio Zoo. More good work from the Memphis Zoo! CBS 2 in Chicago has more about the baby, which despite being 6 weeks old and 15 pounds is still of indeterminate sex. Boy or girl, it is pretty darn cute ...


I thought you could not breed these animals in zoos. From the video, I guess it is possible. Not much is heard about these animals.

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