The Smoking Section previews Nike Air Penny 5

PENNY-HARDAWAY.jpg The Smoking Section is giving an advance look at the new Nike Air Penny 5 "Orlando," the latest basketball shoes in the signature line of former Treadwell High national player of the year, Memphis Tigers great and NBA All-Star Penny Hardaway. In the mid-'90s, Hardaway, starred in a classic series of Nike TV ads with a smack-talking marionette doll named Lil' Penny (pictured), voiced by Chris Rock. His latest Air Penny shoes pays tribute to his time with the Orlando Magic, his career peak. The black color with blue trim would work for a Memphis Tigers player. Lately, Hardaway has been working on a host of community improvement initiatives in the Memphis area, most recently a plan to build a $20.5 million indoor youth sports facility. Here's what The Smoking Section has to say (yes, I am old enough to remember ;):

If you're old enough to remember, at one point people thought Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway was going to be the next BIG player in the few years following Michael Jordan's first retirement. Sadly, the Memphis-raised Magic superstar's flame never fully blazed. Penny was plagued with injuries and never really accomplished what many hoped he would. The one thing Penny did manage to capitalize on was getting a pretty popular signature sneaker line with Nike. This year a brand new, fifth model - dubbed the Air Penny 5 - will be hitting stores. This Orlando inspired colorway has yet to get a release date so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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